Things To Love This February

Every week, I share a newsletter called “The Watched Pot”. It’s a weekly email to share a little bit of light and love, and shed some optimism on life and the week ahead. I write a short personal essay in email style about the things I’ve been doing, the things I’ve been loving, or the ways I’ve tried to make my life and the people in it a bit happier. This month, the month of love, I wanted to bring that self-love onto the blog. So, here are some things to love this February.

Disclaimer: not material things. Consider this the anti-gift guide.

Small pets that do things that they shouldn’t do but they don’t know they shouldn’t do it.

I love that they’re so innocent even when they’re bad! Example: This morning my kitten Betty got spooked when I walked into the kitchen 2 hours earlier than I normally do. And, I mean spooked. She did that cat thing where they run with their back arched high and their tail goes all bushy, terrifying predator. She, in her scramble to scare me off, knocked over two of my plants and spread wet dirt all over the kitchen.

I’d gotten up early to do yoga, and instead I spent my early hour sweeping up dirt. I didn’t love that but my god I love the teeny tiny kitten who was so afraid. It was my penance for making her so scared! She wasn’t trying to punish me. Sometimes I forget she’s just a little scaredy cat and needs me to be the gentlest version of myself.

Waking up early

It was still dark when I woke up this morning and I did not. Want. To. Get. Up. But I did. Only because I had a meeting, but still! Once I was up, and after Betty had calmed down, I was able to enjoy that blue-morning light that only exists in the hour before the sun comes up. It’s nice. Being up early is like having a harmless little secret that only you know. Everything is quiet. Everything is still. Your consciousness is something that you share only with you.

A really good hot chocolate

I had a really good hot chocolate a few days ago from Konj Cafe in Edinburgh. The owner was just the nicest person, the hot chocolate was decadent and delicious like all hot chocolate should be and I got a nice cookie. There are few small moments better than these.

Staying hydrated with a pretty jug

Water bottles are out – jugs are in. You heard it here first.

Ok. Story time: I don’t have a water bottle that doesn’t leak. I also received a gift certificate for a fancy Nordic Design shop for my wedding, and I bought a pretty Hay jug. So, when I set up my desk, I thought “instead of my grimy Primark water bottle, I’ll just use the jug today as a treat to myself” and oh what a treat it was! The water stays SO cold! And I don’t judge myself based on how much is left in the jug, I just pour and drink a glass and enjoy it and then pour some more when I want it! Zero shame! Just cold water and a very lovely jug! Do you need a jug? Yes is the only right answer.

Putting new things on the wall

Maybe it’s because I’m home all the time, but I really love to look at something new on the wall. It gives me more satisfaction than it should. I’m constantly moving things around on my walls, changing prints in picture frames and adding new pictures because I love the little surprise I get when I walk into a room and see something that makes me happy. And, I love that I’ve learned that I like pictures, picture frames, and prints that have a lot of bright colours like pink, yellow, blue and purple. And anything that looks vintage – even better if it’s not in a frame! I have an old plate from my Nonna’s house – it has a clown on it and I love seeing it on my wall. Now, I’m considering hanging some of my favourite hats.

Sending (and receiving) mail

Of all the things to love this February, this is number one. I have been alllllll about the mail-surprises lately. Gift-giving via surprise mail is my very specific love language. The sheer joy I get from putting together a little box of things I know the person will love and writing a little note full of my love for them personally, my goodness. Not to mention the slow-burn of the postal system in a pandemic. When will they get it?! Who knows! Hopefully on a day they really need it.

What do you think of my things to love this February? Have any things you’re loving you’d like. toshare? Please, leave a comment! Comments should also be in my list of things to love because I really, truly do! They remind me of a simpler time of internet blogging. Alas.

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