My March Goals

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Three months into 2021 and I’ve already started doing some of the things off my ‘Manifestations for 2021‘ post. (Like knitting an Icelandic jumper!) I am so impressed at how writing down those goals and manifestations actually motivated me to get up and do it. So, here I am again with some shorter term, every day lifestyle changes I want to make this month. Calling it my “March Goals” but it could easily be called “improvements” because that’s really all I’m hoping for.

a woman with a braided hair in an icelandic jumper stands in the foreground, in the background is an old building with large windows
The infamous Icelandic jumper

Take more photos

I used to get really creative with my phone camera, especially with my Instagram stories. Everything would be curated to create a mood or a feeling and I’ve just lost that focus. It helped me see the beauty in routine and every day life. Especially now that I have a shiny new phone with a fancy camera, I’d really like to get back to that mindset of photographing with a purpose. Seeing the beauty in routine is something I’d love to have right now!

Write in my journal every day

I work as a Graduate Assistant and spend 10 hours a week transcribing the letters of a politician from the 1950s. The transcribing lets me see completely into his life, and feel like I know all about him and his family. So, I’ve become a bit obsessed with the idea of getting my life down in writing. I like the idea that one day a niece or someone will be researching the pandemic and I could just hand them my journal and say here, this is what it was for me. I also really want to get a new polaroid camera because I *love* looking back in my journal and seeing photos of menial, every day life taped in to accompany the words.

It’s a really simple style of writing, just “this is what happened today, this is what I feel about it.” I’ve started a bit already, and it makes me so feel good to organise my thoughts in writing before bed.

Finish research for my thesis

Out of all my March goals, this is probably the most important one. I just keep putting it off. And, I know realistically if I sat down and did it, I could easily get it done. Make a reading schedule and stick to it. Make a meeting with my supervisor. Keep on top of it! Don’t let myself think, “well I did everything I really *had* to do today, so I don’t need to do that quite yet.” Every, single, day! It’s time to get started, and I mean really get started on it. I don’t expect to actually be done all my research by the end of March, but I want to be done the reading that I already have on my list.

Find a balance with my running

I started running again in February. I know running’s a real love/hate divider on the internet. In my defence, running is the type of exercise I’ve done all my life. I started when I was around 8-12 and just never really stopped until I was in university.

When I was around 18 I started to have problems with allergies and asthma and I’ve struggled to find a balance with my running ever since. Then, I had a nasty fall and now I have a persistent knee injury in the way too. One of my main March goals is to find that balance. Basically, I just want to be able to run once or twice a week without my lungs or my knee hurting.

It sounds so simple, but it’s an all day, day after day job! I have to do some at-home physio, balance the running with yoga and strengthening my knee. Plus, generally take care of my health to keep my asthma in check.

What are your goals for March?! Leave a comment and let me know! Even if it’s just “survive”. I get it. Plus, I love comments.

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