Homeboy’s Gonna GET IT!

DYING at the title. This post is allllll about how to style runners when you're feet just can't do it anymore. You know when you're travelling and your feet are screaming with every step and you want with ALL your heart to just wear comfortable runners, but your vanity is like "I mustn't sacrifice my … Continue reading Homeboy’s Gonna GET IT!


Levi 501’s Skinny

AKA - my favourite jeans EVER. Levi's 501s are one of their original designs that continues to be very popular today. They offer the 501 style in a variety of fits and forms, but my favourite is the skinny. About the design... While they're labelled as 'skinny' jeans, they aren't the skin hugging skinny jeans you're … Continue reading Levi 501’s Skinny