Beauty | Dior’s Glow Maximizer Primer

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be doing a little review on one of my all-time favourite products - Dior's Glow Maximizer: Light Boosting Primer. I bought this by accident at Sephora last August. I was talking to a guy who worked there about a product I was looking for and he suggested this one … Continue reading Beauty | Dior’s Glow Maximizer Primer


Baking | Laudurée French Macarons

I've been really wanting to try baking macarons ever since I started baking. Macarons, crepes, and chocolate covered strawberries are my all-time favourite desserts so I really want to master all three. Problem is: macarons are super hard to make, so I've been bidding my time before I attempt them. You need really precise measurements … Continue reading Baking | Laudurée French Macarons