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My Top 30 #30Wears

aka — my top 30 most worn pieces of clothing 

The Top 30 #30Wears is a new challenge that I’m starting right here, today! The 30 Wears Campaign was started by EcoAge’s Livia Firth, and aims to bring more awareness to sustainability practices when shopping. The requirements of the challenge are pretty simple– just write a blog post, make a YouTube video, Instagram story, Twitter thread, (ANYTHING) featuring your 30 favourite pieces of clothing that you’ve worn at least 30 times, bringing more awareness to the aims to #30Wears and sustainable shopping practices! You can read more about the campaign, this challenge and why both are so important to me on Essa+Ace – a website I started to resell quality pieces of clothing and talk about issues in the fashion industry. Here is my submission to the Top 30 #30Wears Challenge, my favourite pieces of clothing that I’ve definitely worn at least 30 times.

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Homeboy's Gonna GET IT!

DYING at the title. This post is allllll about how to style runners when you’re feet just can’t do it anymore. You know when you’re travelling and your feet are screaming with every step and you want with ALL your heart to just wear comfortable runners, but your vanity is like “I mustn’t sacrifice my outfit!” Well that’s exactly what happened to me last week – SOLUTION: …

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Blocked and Bright Stripes


Arguably the most popular trend across the board this season is blocked and brightly coloured stripes – particularly featuring primary colours. Everyone from RED Valentino, to Givenchy and Chloe, to Banana Republic featured bold and bright coloured stripes in their S/S 17 collections, and Elle, Vogue, and InStyle all documented the trend in their articles on Spring 2017 trends. Even if you’re not reading up on those sites – which I usually don’t except for every pre-Spring blues season – you’ve probably picked up on this trend….

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A New York City Getaway

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At the very end of the winter holidays, my sisters, my mom and I jetted off to New York City to kickstart the new year. New York City holds a soft spot in all of our hearts I think. After years of mixing and matching on our trips there we finally all made it out together. We only spent three and a half days there, but they were – like always – jam packed. One day we walked over 25 km. That’s right, over 25 km in a city where there’s a cab on every corner – never again….

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Fashion | Mastering the Glam Overall Look

Friends, let me introduce you to my favourite pun to put on Instagram – a picture of me in my overalls looking bored with the caption “I’m overall this” HA. Classic.

Today I’m going to show you how I style my overalls! I love overalls, but at the same time I have an image to uphold. Okay that’s a lie, but I just don’t want to look like I’ve just stepped off a farm (not that that’s a bad thing, just not my personal style). So for me, I want to wear overalls but I still want to look put together. Not always an easy task….

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Fashion | Celebrity Style Icon Taylor Swift

Aloha friendsies! Today is the beginning of a new collection of posts – celebrity style icons (for myself of course). I’ll be posting one of these each week featuring a different celebrity who’s style I either love or really respect. Disclaimer: all the pictures I use in this post are not my own and were found on Google images.

had to start with Taylor because she’s someone I never looked up to in terms of fashion before this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a fan of hers but I never really looked to her for fashion inspiration – until she moved to New York. One boring day last year I logged onto tumblr to find that my dashboard had been flooded with pictures of Taylor’s street style of the day, this was the picture I saw: tswift x8

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