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Monthly Favourites? How About All-Time Favourites

I’m not one for ‘monthly favourites’ videos or posts, but I thought a review of all of my favourite ‘holy grail’ beauty products from 2016 would be a good way to share my all-time favourites! So here you have it, my holy grail beauty products of 2016:


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

(oil free), travel size $44 CAD at Sephora

This was the first primer I ever got, so I never thought much of it after I started using it. Recently it’s been running low so I’ve been shopping around for a new one and realised how great this primer is. It’s not on the cheaper side of things, but if you’re looking for the perfect primer this is it. It’s not oily, not drying, and creates the perfect base to build off of.



Cover Girl’s Ready Set Gorgeous Powder Foundation

This was another favourite that flew under my radar for awhile. I bought this a long time ago because I needed a powder to set my foundation/concealer. At the time I did not realise it was a foundation powder. It sets my makeup perfectly, and adds a nice finish.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Luminous Light, $55 at Sephora

Did I buy this product only because Zoella used it in one of her makeup tutorials and made it sound awesome? Yes. Is it awesome? Yes. I love having a dewy looking complexion and when I set my makeup with this as a final touch it makes me look soft and dewy light a literal goddess.


Too Faced’s Cocoa Contour Palette

$52 CAD at Sephora

As you can see this product has been really, really well loved. The darker colours are perfect for a soft, natural contoured look. Meanwhile, the light cocoa is great for under the eyes. The pop of light is the only colour I really never use as the highlight is too much sparkle and not enough shimmer for me. I usually don’t really end up using the brushes that palettes come with because they’re often poor quality – not the case here! This buki brush has been used every single time I use this palette, which is basically every day.

ABH’s Modern Renaissance Palette

$55 CAD from Sephora

If you’ve been following my blog or youtube for awhile now you’ll know that this is a favourite of mine. The colour scheme is awesome, I use all but two of these colours (those hot pinks just don’t do it for me) on a daily basis. The colours are super pigmented and super easy to blend and mix together. If you’ve been debating getting one, get it. They’re worth it. The brush doesn’t seem to be of that great of quality, but I still usually use it whenever I use the palette.



Urban Decay’s 24/7 Pencil Concealer

in FBI $24.00 CAD at Sephora

I’ve used this every day since I bought it. At first I thought it was too dark for under eye concealment, which is really all I use concealer for. Then along came the wonder that is colour correcting. The colour is perfect for a first base to counter darkness under the eye! Then I top it off which a lighter coloured concealer and it works perfect. It’s also high coverage and super easy to use.

Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer

This concealer is hailed by British beauty bloggers and youtubers everywhere. When I visited Ireland in October I was determined to find it and try it out. I actually didn’t end up finding it until I was at the airport waiting to catch my flight home, but I got it! This is a high coverage liquid concealer. It’s ultra brightening and stays on all day without setting into lines or fading off. It’s awesome since it’s a drug street brand and incredibly afforable! If you live somewhere where you can get your hands on this, try it.


Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner

Trooper is $25 CAD at Sephora

This product has replaced last year’s Maybelline liquid liner, which I found faded a ton throughout the day. The tattoo liners are all waterproof which makes them last through weepy winter eyes. That being said, it’s still really easy to take off with a wet Q-tip! A bit of pressure is needed, but waterproof makeup remover (which is usually oily) is not! This product has all of the benefits of a waterproof product, without any of the fall-backs.

Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara

is $5.96 at Walmart

Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara has been hailed by pretty much all the Youtubers I watch. At first, I wasn’t wholeheartedly impressed with this mascara as it didn’t seem to put enough product on my lashes. Plus it didn’t seem to stay on very well, and it didn’t separate my lashes all that well. I realised that I wasn’t using the right side to apply the mascara – you need to use the concave side to really separate your lashes, and the convex side to get more product on. I still only really use this as a second coat of mascara, but it really helps to get all the lashes and separate them and give ’em a nice finished look!


Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray

$39 CAD at Sephora

It looks like they’ve changed the packaging on this, I almost couldn’t find it online! This is another hailed product that I decided to try out and was not disappointed. I use this spray every time I have a long day. Every time I go out it keeps all my makeup, specifically my face makeup and powder contour, on all night long!


L’Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm

$12.00 CAD at L’Occitane

I’ve always used my Lucas Pawpaw Ointment and you guys know how much I love it! But I wanted to try out another lip balm because my lip dryness has been excessive to say the least this season and I was not! Let! Down! This lip balm is thick, hydrating, and stays on for a decent amount of time. Most importantly, it doesn’t make your lips feel dry if you stop using it. It’s also surprisingly very affordable for a luxury brand lip balm.

L’Occitane Shea Light Comforting Cream

$36.00 CAD at L’Occitane.

Unlike the lip balm, this one is a bit pricier. Not as bad as expected considering L’Occitane is generally taken as a luxury brand! WELL! This is simply a must-have. Recently I had a little patch of eczema on my elbow from wearing a wool sweater and my hydro-cortisol cream seemed to just be angering it more than it was healing it. So I put on a small bit of this cream morning and night and, I kid you not, it cleared up in two days. It’s light, but incredibly moisturising.

There they are, my holy grail beauty products of 2016! Finally!!! This post is done!! I kid you not it’s taken me about 2 weeks to actually finish this with all the school work I’ve had going on! If you have any drug store recommendations let me know in the comments below.

x Sabrina

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