Taylor Swift’s Chai Sugar Cookies

Taylor posted on Tumblr about these cookies wayyyyy back in the good old days of 2014, hence why I’ve called them Taylor Swift’s Chai Sugar Cookies. Ever since, I’ve baked these bad boys on the first snow of the year. Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, today is in fact the first snow of the year. That’s right, October 27 and she’s snowin’ up a storm in good old Canada. Winter is here. Again. And so are these cookies.

look @ this blurry artsy pic of my cookie, so many wows

Taylor got the recipe from the all-famed food blogger Joy the Baker, you can see the original here. I’m not going to re-copy out the text because that feels like copying and I really don’t change anything to the recipe.

What makes these Taylor Swift’s *Chai* Sugar Cookies: as per Taylor’s instructions, once your Joy the Baker batter is ready, you add in 1 (one) chai tea bag. She puts it in with the wet batter, I put it in with the flour. I add my flour in two instalments, first half goes in and you beat it on low until it’s mixed, then I add the other half of the flour and the chai tea bag and voila!
I’ve used many a variations of tea bags over the years, and I always think “am I supposed to eat this?” when I put it in the batter, but year after year I just let it happen.

The glaze, or as I call it, the best part. This is T’s original recipe (and yes I call her T because we’re friends like that):
1 cup of powdered sugar,
1/4 tsp of nutmeg
1/4 tsp of cinnamon
3 tbsp of milk or eggnog (I used coconut milk this time and it was GORG)
OK so here’s the deal with the glaze: I ALWAYS mess it up. 3 years running and I’ve NEVER succeeded with it. Every time, without fail, I get overzealous with the milk and it becomes WAY too runny and completely unfixable but I use it anyways. It’s totally fine, just very runny and all over the place, see below.
The runniness is kind of a gift, really. I 100% eat all of the glaze that runs off the cookies and onto the baking tray too, none of it gets wasted, its just too delicious.

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