NARS Wanted Palette Review

I’ve been on the hunt for an excellent peachy toned eyeshadow palette for awhile now. I didn’t want to buy the really popular ones like the Too Faced Sweet Peach or Kylie Cosmetics because they either had colours I didn’t like, or I’ve been disappointed by their palettes before (whoops)! When Nars announced the Wanted palette I was instantly hooked. Luckily there was a VIB sale at Sephora right when it dropped so I got it with $20 off!! SO HAPPY. Now let’s see if it lives up to all my hopes and dreams…
Yes. Absolutely.
On the packaging…
OK SO I’m obsessed. Everything is black except for the top, which I have now realized is a very pixelated image of eyes shut. The NARS label overlay has a glossy look to it that you can see in the picture above, but the image itself is kind of matte feeling. The mirror on the inside is really big and I loooooove. If you really wanted to you could keep the ‘Are You A #Narsissist’ plastic in the palette to keep the mirror from getting dirty but I can’t say I ever bother…. All in all it’s a SUPER cute package, the only drawback is that it doesn’t stand up very well – I lean my palettes against one another and it falls over a lot.
On the product…
I LOVE the colour range here. As I said, I’ve been on the hunt for a good peachy/pink palette. There’s a wonderful mixture of pinks and peaches with warm and cool undertones, and I super appreciate the dark brown too which I think you NEED in a pink toned palette.  The brown/beige colours on the left hand side are a bit more peachy than brown in real life, and they’re gorg. The colours have obviously been curated that they compliment each other wonderfully no matter which ones you pick that day. The shadows here also range in formulas so there’s some matte shadows, some sparkly metallic ones, and some satin ones. Again, it’s obvious they’ve been curated to compliment each other.
On the formula…
There are a few different formulas going on here, but they’re all creamier than I expected. They have an almost velvety feel to touch, but they still work wonders with a brush which I usually find cream eyeshadows really don’t. Aka, I think they’re magic. The matte colours have slightly less colour pigmentation BUT all of them show up surprisingly well on the lid and last a surprisingly long time too. Overall I was really impressed with these shadows, so far I’ve only really used the lighter colours and even the lightest colour (Bairritz) lasted all day, which is insane for a white shadow!
I DID take my own swatches using my finger, but they are significantly less nice looking than the ones you can find on the Sephora website here, where you can also find swatches for varying skin tones and colours. I’ll add that those swatches do not truly reflect what you would get with a finger swatch, they obviously applied it so that all of the colours were well on there and really pigmented, and likely added a few coats, but all of the colours are otherwise true to reality, and you can absolutely recreate those colours using the palette.

On the price point…
The Nars Wanted Palette is retailing for $74.00 at Sephora. That’s a pretty steep price for a palette, but Nars is a mid to luxury range beauty brand so I guess that’s to be expected. As to whether or not it’s worth it, I would say that’s up to you. The colours are gorgeous and it really is a high quality product, but it really is down to whether or not it’s in your budget! You are getting pretty good value for the price, but if you’re a student and don’t really have the $74, maybe keep an eye out for sales or promotions that can get you a discount!
Another thing to think about Nars recently announced that they will be expanding their market to China, where it is required by law to test beauty products on animals. For some, this means you won’t want to purchase this product, even though animal testing was not directly used in it’s production, because the brand is still involved with animal testing. For others, this means you purchase the product and then put the pressure back on the company to put pressure on Chinese authorities to change their practices. If you’re new to this topic there’s SO many resources you can use to talk about it! Animal testing in China is one of the last places we’re seeing massive animal testing in the cosmetics field. Here is a blog that interviewed Estee Lauder to discuss why they still retail in China. Wherever you find yourself, I think it’s always important to educate yourself and be able to intelligently discuss why you believe what you believe.
Moments Behind the Blog Day 13:
OK so I skipped a few days of Blogmas because I am EXHAUSTED! Who knew doing nothing could be so tiring?! I’m currently sitting on my couch with my sweet Cordie baby (dog) snuggled up by my toes, and I’m trying to find the will to go upstairs and do a work out. I think I’m going to nap first but… I’ve been so good about my fitness lately! Karlie Kloss uploaded a little work out video on her Klossy Youtube channel and it’s a bunch of stuff that’s really easy to do at home so I’ve been doing it every once in awhile and then also doing my usual running etc and it’s been so good! I actually feel kind of strong! It’s bad ass. But first, nap time.
Your question of the day: Is there any new beauty product you’re itching to try?!

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