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Maybelline JUST announced that they’re launching a whole new collection called ‘total temptation‘ and I managed to get my hands on it so I could get you all the lowdown before it drops! There are three products in the release: a shadow/highlight palette, a brow pencil, and a mascara. The whole line is pink and sparkly, and is infused with coconut extract (aka smells awesome). Safe to say, I was super thrilled to see this in my mailbox.
FULL disclosure: I was sent this package for promotional purposes, but I am not being paid to write this, nor am I under any obligation to do so, so all the opinions are completely, 100% truthful and unbiased!
Release date for this collection is January 2nd! Not long to wait if you like what you see.
the palette… $17.99
All of the shades have a little shimmer to them. On the right hand side you’ve got four classic nude shades, and on the left there are some more festive fun colours and a much needed black. In the centre there’s a white/yellow highlighter, and a purple/pink highlighter.

Now onto the good stuff: I’ve used a few drug store palettes before and I’ve never been overly impressed. The colour payoff in this palette is better than any other drug store palettes I’ve used. They’re also really bendable and the colours compliment each other nicely. The only drawback is that they’re all shimmery, there’s no matte shades which personally prefer, but I’ll definitely still get some good use out of these.
Now let’s talk the highlighters because can I just say WOW! I gasped out loud when I first swatched the yellow because the payoff is THAT good. Seriously, I picked the yellow one over my fenty highlighter yesterday. I personally don’t really use colourful highlighters like the purple, but it is equally as quality.
the mascara… $11.99
I’m SO excited to talk about this because I’m obsessed. Maybelline is known for making the best drug store mascaras, and ones that compete with high street and luxury brands. This one did NOT disappoint! Sometimes new mascaras get really clumpy when they’re fresh because there’s so much product in the bottle but this one still applied really well. The bristles are so very soft, and they make for really full, long lashes. I’ll be repurchasing this when I run out. Did I mention it’s coconut scented? I love good smelling makeup but I know that’s a turn off for some.

I loooove how it looks on! It is a bit wet so the curl doesn’t hold super well, but curls VERY rarely hold in my lashes anyways. I think it does a good enough job whether or not I’m wearing heavy eyeliner – usually if I am I like to do a heavier coat of mascara so that my lashes are long and full enough to extend past the liner. This product does everything in one so there’s no need to double up with different mascaras! Here’s what it looks like on:

the brow pencil… $11.99
I’ve never used a brow pencil like this one before, I know the ABH brow wiz is similar and really popular but I’ve always just used the dip brow. Luckily, they got me the right colour so I could really give it a whirl! This product takes a little bit of breaking in, but it goes on really evenly and smooth, and it’s not too chalky. In the end, I was left with full, natural looking brows and it only took a few seconds, so safe to say I’m impressed.

My brows are atrocious right now but whatever bushy is just how I like them (forgive me). I find that the product is perfect for filling them in and adding a bit of shape to them. From further away they look a lot cleaner but…. what can I say I’m all about the bushy brow hype. You can see what I mean here:
All in all I was so very impressed with this collection! There are little things that I would have changed about the palette, but other than that they’re all around really nice products, especially for drug store pricing!
I should also mention that the packaging was also well done – it’s nothing super fancy but I’ve had no problems with it whatsoever! The palette snaps shut and stays shut, you can tell when your mascara is completely shut because of the design, and the lids stay on the brow pencil. There’s no mirror in the palette, but it’s more of one that I would use with another palette anyways so I don’t mind!
I’m definitely left impressed by this collection, if you’ve gotten a chance to try it let me know! The collection is in stores on January 2nd, so keep an eye out for it!
Hope you all had wonderful holidays!

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