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Life Updates And Goals From July 2019

Hello, hello! Welcome to the first in my monthly life updates/chats series! I personally love reading monthly posts — whether they be goals, life updates, etc. It feels like a good way to sort of check-in with that person and see how life is going! The ‘Monthly Memo Life Updates’ will look past at the last month – in this case July – and monthly goals will look forward at the month to come – August. First up is what I got up to in July!

My family came to visit!

For the first time since I moved! I’ve been living in Edinburgh for almost a year now, but it was only last month that my parents got to see the city I live in! They saw my house, met my boyfriend, came on one of my tours, and cafe-hopped all of my favourite Edinburgh coffee shops. My sister came along too and we all got to explore Scotland together! Working in the tourism industry, it isn’t that weird for me to see Edinburgh through a tourist’s eye, but it’s still a bit unnerving whenever I do! I always end up feeling a bit out of place for a little bit afterwards, like I shouldn’t actually live in a city that’s this special!

I went to Shetland!

I’ve wanted to go to Shetland for ages and it really lived up to expectations! After all the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh it was really nice to go somewhere cool and quiet and calm. Shetland is still very tourist friendly, there are tons of nice restaurants, cafes, and shops in Lerwick, and there’s loads to do! Everyone is so friendly, it’s such a lovely place that I keep thinking longingly of it as I enter the crowds of the Fringe. I’d love to rent a car and really explore next time, and maybe stop off in Orkney on the way!

And Skye, and Inverness, and the Highlands!

While my family was here we visited pretty much all of Scotland. I met up with my mom and sister in Lerwick, and we stayed in Shetland for a few days. Then we took the ferry back to Aberdeen, then to Edinburgh, Inverness, Skye, drove back through the Highlands and ended up back in Edinburgh! This was all packed into 10 days, I should add. I saw a lot, and went to so many places I want to go back to! It was really nice to have a car and get to drive through, it made it all a lot more accessible and the views were amazing! I’ve been waiting to do this little trip basically since I moved and it was everything I hoped it would be.

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I turned 23!

My birthday was July 25th, and by that time all my family had left so it was just me and Edinburgh. (Not really). In case you weren’t in the UK that day — it was the hottest day Scotland has seen since 1975. 29 degrees celsius. Not that hot but certainly hot enough for me to go to the beach! Portobello beach has always been a safe space for me. It was one of the first places I explored in Edinburgh, and it’s cold wind and sea spray always makes me feel at ease. It was a very different experience to get to enjoy it in the sun and heat!

August Goals

AKA: Survive the Fringe

For those of you who may not know, the Fringe is a giant arts festival that takes place in the city centre throughout the month of August. Yes. The whole month. On some levels it’s really awesome – especially if you’re into comedy, theatre, or the arts! But let me paint a picture for you.

Imagine you’re a tour guide. You have to corral tourists through crowds of street performers and flyerers. Elbowing your way through to make a path, you find a space. You stop to talk, but of course there’s loud music coming from every corner that you have to shout over. Not to mention the chaos that is descending behind you, that your audience is constantly distracted by. Basically it’s the worst time for me to work and it’s really taking away from the positive aspects.

See More of Scotland

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel though! On the very last day of the Fringe, I get to brave the crowded Edinburgh Airport and hop on a flight back to Canada. Next time I write a memo, I’ll be writing from there! I’m also going on a little weekend away in Callander. We drove through on our way back from Skye and I thought ‘this would be a perfect place to getaway to during the Fringe!’ Here’s hoping!

Apply For New Jobs!

Preferably one with an office with a roof.

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