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jewellery collection

I’ve collected jewellery more than I’ve worn it. I still have beaded necklaces I got as gifts when I was five years old. There are rings I’ve never worn, necklaces that don’t sit right and bracelets I absolutely cannot put on one handed so I never wear. But, there’s also pieces that fill me with nostalgia, or make me feel closer to my mom. Admittedly, there’s also pieces that I just think look cute. So, this is my jewellery collection in all it’s glory. My every day jewellery, my sentimental jewellery and, most embarrassingly, my jewellery storage.

Everyday jewellery

These are the pieces you’ll most likely see on my Instagram, the ones I wear day in and day out. I have a few things I switch up, but generally it’s standard. I have three rings I wear: my claddagh ring which I always wear on my middle finger of my right hand. Then, I alternate between a signet ring and a sunburst ring on my left hand. I have two earrings I alternate between, one pair are cheap gold ones from Topshop that I think look like sunbursts. The others are a pair of white gold ones my mom bought me years ago. I don’t wear a necklace everyday, but when my outfit allows I wear a snake chain. It used to be one from Topshop, but I received a gorgeous gold one for Christmas that I’ve switched in for. Then, sometimes I layer up with other necklaces from various high street shops.

Hungarian amber necklace from my mommy

Sentimental jewellery

I have a lot of sentimental jewellery. I don’t buy myself nice jewellery, so if I have nice jewellery it’s been gifted, usually from my mom. So, it’s sentimental. Then there are a few nice-r pieces I’ve bought at important moments, so that makes them sentimental even if they weren’t expensive.

My baptism necklace

This is ironically a very recent piece. My mom returned it to me when she visited at Christmas, she always kept it safe because she was hardly going to give a baby a piece of gold. It’s originally from my grandparents, and even though I’m not religious I love to wear it because I know it was so meaningful to them, and it makes me feel closer to them.

My claddagh ring

One I wear every day, and one that’s super sentimental. I bought it for 30 euro in the Claddagh Jewellers in Dublin the first time I visited. I wouldn’t have gone to Dublin if I hadn’t seen my sister’s claddagh ring sitting in our bathroom the same day I decided I wanted to book a holiday. It was a eureka moment – I had bad travel anxiety, so picking somewhere to travel alone was tough. But, I have a friend who lives in Dublin! I realised I could go to Dublin, still be with friends and everything would be fine. It wasn’t smooth sailing, but it was fine in the end. Now I always think I wouldn’t have moved to the UK if I hadn’t done that first!

claddagh ring and gold jewellery

My signet ring

I bought this custom on Etsy as my graduation gift with the first (and only) pay cheque I got from YouTube. It doesn’t carry that much meaning to me when I wear it but it felt important at the time!

My snake chain necklace

I tagged Angus in this on Instagram asking for it for Christmas, and he delivered. It’s a limited edition from the Estee Lalonde collection with Daisy London. I bought the sunburst ring from her first collection when I first moved to the UK and it’s one that I wear nearly every day, I just love her stuff! Anyways, it wasn’t that much of a surprise when I opened it on Christmas morning… Except it came with a personalised note from Estee! Such a lucky surprise, especially since she’s the reason I moved to the UK, and Angus is the reason I stayed! Made my insides all warm when I saw it. Real serendipity.

Jewellery my mom bought me

AKA most of my jewellery collection. My mom buys me jewellery whenever she travels, at Christmas, on my birthday and sometimes just because. It varies from Kate Spade earrings I got for my birthday, to feather earrings she bought at a local cafe. Then there’s gold speckled stud earrings that look identical but were bought in Slovenia and Amsterdam respectively. There’s evil eye bracelets from Greece and a glass blown bracelet she bought me when I was a kid in Venice. It’s a lot of crazy gorgeous stuff, but they always feel too precious or too fancy to wear daily.

Jewellery storage

A true sight for sorry eyes. All of my jewellery is spread across various trinkets. I keep all the jewellery I don’t wear too often in a small jewellery box from Oliver Bonas (sold out). Then, all the jewellery I wear daily is in a little wood spoon I bought in Sweden. And necklaces I wear daily combined with the things I wear semi-often sit in a pair of ceramic hands that I bought at a thrift store. I thought it would look cool but I actually find it just looks so cluttered. On the hunt for a vintage jewellery box now.

Ceramic hands (thrifted), velvet jewellery box (Oliver Bonas), metal box (thrifted)
Ceramic hands (thrifted), velvet jewellery box (Oliver Bonas), metal box (thrifted)

Shop my jewellery collection

Either it’s custom, too old, or below!

Claddagh Ring – Sterling Silver

Estee Lalonde x Daisy London – Sunburst Shield Ring

Sterling Knot – Custom Etsy Signet Ring

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