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Pink is the new black in my world. It started by finding little ways to include it in my wardrobe: a pink lip here, a raspberry beret there. Going to Tallinn, a city that wears colour like it’s nobodies business, solidified my obsession. I used to wonder how to start wearing more colour, and then it happened so naturally!

Since I’m stuck indoors 23 out of 24 hours in the day, I’ve been trying to find ways to bring spring indoors. Most days I’m living in loungewear, but I’ve found wearing cute outfits are a great way to punch some brightness and positivity into the day! And, I’ve discovered that wearing pink makes me feel feminine and soft and sweet and happy. I was a serial beige, black and white wearer. White shirt and blue jeans are my go-to. So, here’s how I starting bringing pink into the mix, and how to start wearing more colour in general…

arcticsabrina on the water of Leith - how to start wearing more colour

Accessories, of course.

It really all started with Kate La Vie and her raspberry beret. I’ve always loved a good beret, Parisian chic is what I strive for. When I saw Kate’s pink beret on Instagram it was like a eureka moment. Of course berets are better when they’re pink, of! course! So I ordered one. It took me awhile to work out how to wear it. Turns out, pink accessories tend to go best with lighter tones. Light greys, beiges, browns, whites and blues are what I usually go for. If you’re no novice to wearing colour: pink, blue and yellow is my all time fav combo. Blue jeans, yellow jacket and a pink beret? Sign me up.

Work with what you have

OK if you have absolutely zero pink in your wardrobe, this will be a hard one for you. I found that most of the pink things in my closet were things that I never reached for, because I didn’t know how to wear them. Once I nailed down that they looked great with my beige coat and light blue jeans, it was a whole new world. I started regularly wearing the pink tops that I’d had for years but only worn once or twice. The pink flowy skirt I had started to be something I could wear without the excuse of ‘working in an office.’ And…

arcticsabrina on how to start wearing more colour - pink

Mix your pinks!

You know I love a monochrome look. It’s step one when wondering how to start wearing more colour because it’s the easiest thing. Unfortunately, I don’t own enough pink to make a nice monochrome look, but I do love the idea of wearing my pink beret with my pink skirt, or my pink scarf, or my pink tops. It makes the outfit a bit punchier, a bit shoutier and a lot more confident. You do have to pay attention to the shades and make sure they complement rather than clash. But if I’m being honest if you like how you look, forget the colour wheel because that’s all that matters.

how to start wearing more colours - mixing pink, yellow and blue

Get some inspiration!

This did all start from Kate La Vie wearing a beret. If you’re wondering how to start wearing more colour but you don’t know where to start, might I suggest following some colourful Instagrams? These are my favourite accounts of people who wear lots of colour and do so in such a stylish way!

  • The Style Transplant – Georgie writes a fashion blog that is full of inspiration. It helps me push my boundaries and develop my own, individual sense of style.
  • Kate La Vie – While technically a lifestyle and interiors blogger, Kate doesn’t shy away from colour. Her flat, clothes and flatlays are all full of the most beautiful blends of pastels.
  • Bertille Canat – Bertille (@bertillecnt) is the epitome of Parisian chic, and she regularly includes some colourful numbers in her outfits. Basically, she dresses how I wish I did.

And while we’re at it, here are some colourful brands that I love. Most of them, you probably already know!

  • Dora Larsen – the colourful lingerie brand that you didn’t know you needed.
  • Oliver Bonas – the first place I go to look for colourful clothes, accessories and decor.
  • Anthropologie – the only reason they can get me to dish out so much cash is because no one makes colourful homeware like they do.

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