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Shopping online for glasses can be a struggle. I recently purchased a second pair of glasses for ‘back to school.’ Basically, I bought my original set of glasses from my optometry office, they were hella expensive and hella generic and I wanted something more distinctive but I didn’t want to spend another $400. (Yikes – thank god for coverage am I right?!) Like all things that I want to buy for cheap, I looked online. Shopping for glasses online is not straightforward. Glasses also aren’t the sort of thing you can go ‘good enough!’ with. I found a few different eye glasses websites but decided to go with ‘EyeBuyDirect’ for a few reasons.

What Made Me Pick EyeBuyDirect?

I swear this isn’t an ad. Unlike most of the other websites, EyeBuyDirect had a Canadian version of their store, with Canadian pricing. This is a huge plus because it means that it doesn’t charge me a foreign currency when I pay online through Visa. It also means that things are generally cheaper for me anyways. The glasses I went for were $50 for the frames and basic (scratch free, glare free) lenses. This is on the pricier side of the website. A lot of the websites I looked at were really affordable like this. Unlike those websites EyeBuyDirect’s distinctive, “cool” glasses were equally as affordable as their more generic styles. They simply made shopping for glasses online easier than the other sites I scoured.

While the fact that they don’t carry any name brands may be a drawback to some, I really appreciated this. I always find I’m influenced by the name brand when looking. Brand names are more expensive, and they’re always trying to follow trends so it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for.

They Try Hard To Make It Easy For You

Another nice thing about EyeBuyDirect is that they have a lot of resources there to make sure you’re buying the right pair of glasses. They have a wide variety of glasses. And they have helpful information on what kind of glasses would suit you based on your face shape and size. Glasses come in different sizes so that you’re not buying glasses that don’t fit. And, of course, they let you put in your own prescription. These are the sort of tools you need if you’re going to be successful at shopping for glasses online!

You can visit EyeBuyDirect by clicking here or by googling the name.

Your Other Options Include…

A few other sites I came across were Polette, Clearly Contacts (which my sister uses and swears by), and Frames Direct. These can be good if you’re not from Canada, or you just want more options!

My Glasses


Which Frames I Picked, And Why

The frames I bought are called the “Shanghai” frames. I went in looking for Harry Potter-like frames that were just a little bit less spherical. Think old school scholar-type round rims with more of a straight top – and in metal. There was actually a lot of selection for these type of glasses which surprised me! I wanted them to be small like Harry Potter glasses. (Lol at this reference, I’m sorry, I don’t know how else to describe it so everyone will know!) But, the website said that they would be too small for my face and recommended large.

Sizing Can Be An Issue, Beware!

I don’t know what I thought! They were cheap! I didn’t question it! And then they came in, and they were about 3x bigger than I thought they were going to be. I’m not going to lie, initially I was a bit upset about it. Just not upset enough to send them back. They didn’t look terrible so I just rolled with the punches. Now, I love them! They are a lot bigger than I intended them to be, so I look a lot more “hipster” than I intended to. I’ve gotten quite a few compliments, and I like them better than my old glasses. Now I just want more and more in this style! Let me know what you think 🙂 Here’s what they look like on:


Talk To Me!

If you have any questions/comments/concerns about buying glasses online, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get back to you asap! ALSO!! We’re nearing 1,000 of us now, and I’ve promised myself that when I hit 1,000 WordPress followers I’ll do my first giveaway, so please do hit the follow button if you’re new to my blog! We’d love to have you! ♡Edit: these days you’ve got to subscribe with you’re email if you want to stick around! I won’t bombard you with spam, I promise.

A Little Update…

Edit: I wrote this post THREE years ago now. I still buy from EyeBuyDirect every time I need new glasses. Usually I still buy glasses in this style (smaller sizes, usually I go for a size S or M), and now I’m looking at this picture and thinking I need to get my new prescription in those frames! I loooove how big they are now! If you want to see my various glasses in action, I wear them ALL the time.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

These are from their newest releases, the frames are called ‘‘Quill’ in ivory tortoise. EyeBuyDirect have (finally!) started collaborating with me, so that’s an affiliate link, and you can use the code “INDI20” for 20%. Pretty sure I do not get a kickback for the code, but who doesn’t want 20% off?!

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  1. Mateo Tobon Garcia says

    Love your style, and your blog Sabrina 😊, probably won’t buy the glasses, since I don’t have prescription or anything, but if you know about a place that has this style as sunglasses, please let me know.
    Ps. They look great on you 😍👌🏽


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