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An Introduction to Rodan + Fields

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m really not a skincare type of person. That’s not to say I don’t have my fair amount of issues with my skin. It’s incredibly sensitive, breaks out in eczema patches, I have chronic under eye circles, and constantly chapped lips. However, I’m convinced that anytime I try to play around and fix any of these problems, I always end up worse off than before. Michaela reached out to me to sample some of her products and write a Rodan + Fields Review, and I was relieved for the guidance she gave me! And, I’ll be honest, for the opportunity to see if these products work for me before having to buy the full product.

About Rodan + Fields

Rodan and Fields is a consultant based, dermatologist created, skincare company. They specialise in anti-aging products, but also have ranges for discolouration and acne. You can learn more about them by clicking here. For more information about these products, please comment below and I can pass along some contact information.

Michaela sent me a few different products from the company, mostly from their Redefine range. Some were specified to my personally skin issues I mentioned above, here’s what I thought of them!

rf lip.jpg
Lip Renewing Serum – $ 64.00 CAD

This came in a little silver bead and as instructed before bed I broke it open and applied the contents over my lips. I found that the sample was very generous, so I applied it not only to my lips but a bit to the surrounding areas. I was a bit nervous this would make me break out as it was quite a thick, syrupy serum but it did nothing but moisturise the area! The night that I used this was after one of my rougher lip days. I hadn’t drank enough water and spent a good part of the day out in the sun. The serum didn’t completely smooth over my lips, but within two days they were feeling so much better. It just softened out my lips and left them so smooth and supple. I’ll definitely be looking out for this again come the dry winter months.
rf micro.jpg

Micro Derm-Abrasion – $ 52.00 CAD

The Micro-Derm-Abrasion paste came in a little silver package. Again the amount was very generous for a sample size. The directions say to only use about a dime size of paste so I got multiple uses out of this. My first impression was that it was very rough, not so great for my sensitive skin. Thankfully the directions had an option for ‘gentler exfoliation’ so I opted for that. I scrubbed it in for only 30 seconds. Even though I only did a gentle exfoliation, I still found that this really cleared up my skin. I used it after washing sunscreen off my face, which always leaves me feeling oily and gross. Even now, almost 8 hours later, my skin still feels as smooth and as fresh as it did right after I finished exfoliating! For me, the biggest drawback of this product is the smell. It doesn’t seem to have any kind of additives to make it smell nice, which is a good thing in my books because it means no added unnecessary chemicals. However it also means it doesn’t smell nice (my opinion). Another blogger who did a review actually really liked the smell so to each their own! You can read her post here:

rf night

Night Renewing Serum – $105.00 CAD

This sample came in a little blue bead and claims to soften wrinkles. Now, I’m only 20 years old, I don’t have a ton of wrinkles to cover up or soften out so I can’t speak for it’s effectiveness in that department. When I applied it, it went on very smoothly and sunk right into my skin. My skin didn’t feel oily or slick, but rather soft and silky. I noticed that the next morning my skin did feel softer. Any little bumps or rough patches had been smoothed over. I have quite dry skin and most mornings I wake up with a dry face. The morning after using the serum was no different. This isn’t a product that I feel like I need in my life yet, but I do think it would do the trick if I did have a few wrinkles that I was insecure about.
rf eye

Eye Cream – $71.00 CAD

Michaela added this sample in for me to try out on my under eye circles. I used it a few times just before bed and left it on overnight. I didn’t notice any extreme different in my persistent under eye circles. They weren’t as bad as they usually are, but it definitely didn’t fix my problem. That being said, I’m not 100% sure if this problem can be fixed. Many people of Mediterranean descent just have persistent under eye circles and there’s not much you can do about it. If it was a circulation problem it might be improved with products like this eye cream. I’m just not sure if it’s worth spending money trying out different eye creams if it’s not something that can be helped for me. If you’re someone who’s noticed that their under eye circles improve with eye creams then I would definitely recommend this one. Though I still had some darkness in the area, it helped with wrinkles and pouffiness and it did reduce the darkness.
rf moisturiser

Moisturizer – $30.00 CAD

The mositurizer I received was another added sample that Michaela gave me after I told her about my dry skin issues. It was very moisturising and worked perfectly well. It’s definitely something that I would add to my cart if I was placing an order with Rodan + Fields.

There you have it, my Rodan + Fields Review! As always, let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment.

*All photographs are taken from the Rodan & Fields website and are not my own*

xx Sabrina

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