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As you may know if you’re following me on social media, over my fall reading week I paid a visit to my friend in Dublin. One of the top places on my list of things to do and see was Phoenix Park because hello??? Deer are my favourite animals! If you don’t know what Phoenix Park is, it’s basically Dublin’s version of Central Park – except it’s about 10 times as big, and is home to about a million different places to adventure and explore. I personally just wanted to go visit the deer, but we could have easily spent the entire day there walking around. If I lived in Dublin, I would absolutely be going there for picnic dates. So much potential for adorableness. Anyways! Here are some of the pictures we got, sorry for not-so-great quality, my iPhone 6’s battery is DONE, and I forgot a memory card for my camera so we used my friend’s iPhone 5 (I think?!) I think they still turned out really nicely though!



After hanging out in the fields for awhile we headed towards the forest to walk along the path back out of the Park. We went for a quick little adventure into the trees and there was the most perfect climbing tree. Also the deer roam around literally EVERYWHERE. We spent so long looking for them when we got there, and then on our way out there were deer everywhere we looked. It’s so cute to be walking through the trees and suddenly find yourself faced with a deer, and they’re pretty used to all the people that they don’t run off immediately. Super quite, 10/10 will definitely return next time I’m in Dublin. The bus goes RIGHT there, it’s so convenient??? I have no excuse not to go, it’s fool proof.


Loving my stance in that last pic. Classic. Make sure to follow for more pics from my Dublin adventures! I know I was going to vlog it but I was super anxious, and then when I had forgotten my camera’s memory card it was the nail in the coffin on the whole vlog idea. I’m hoping my blog posts will make up for it a little! Let me know if you have any recommendations on what to do in Dublin for the next time I’m there!

x Sabrina

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