The Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

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In honour of Earth Day I thought I would share with you an eco-friendly gift guide. Whether you’re buying for someone who’s super up on the sustainable and ethically conscious consumer movement, or you yourself want to buy more eco-friendly even when gift giving, I’ve got you covered. As the environmental movement gets co-opted by consumer culture, we’re seeing more and more eco-friendly products for different interests.

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide: For the Beauty Lover

Those who love makeup will love brands like RMS Beauty. Heralded by celebrities like Emma Watson, RMS Beauty has sustainable packaging, and is super ethically conscious in their manufacturing process. All of their products go through a serious ethical vetting process, they look at the ingredients, the testing, and the packaging to create the best, most ethical and environmentally friendly products out there. This brand is a bit on the ‘luxury’ side of the price scale, so if you’re looking for something more in your price range, have a browse around the online shop for Content Beauty. Content Beauty sources the best of the best when it comes to ethical makeup brands.
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For those who are more into skincare, you can look no further than your local health store for products like witch hazel or rose water – but you’ll need to know their type of skin and what kind of products they like and need. A safer bet is a set of muslin face cloths or reusable cotton pads – I recently invested in some muslin cloths because I was sick of constantly having to replace my cotton pads, and then I realized that they were ALL ending up in a landfill (sometimes we have these stupid moments – OBVIOUSLY they were going there, but just how many *I* had sent there never really hit me until that moment). Muslin cloths are super cheap, I bought mine online for $10 on Amazon. They’re a soft and light fabric that you can use a few times and then throw in the wash with the rest of your laundry.
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Eco-Friendly Gift Guide: For the Lifestyle Lover 

Or basically for anyone who loves homeware, is moving, or is just starting out on their own in life. Whether they’re going away to college, just moved into their own house or apartment. One of the most obvious gifts is metal or glass straws. Again, you can get metal straws are affordable on Amazon, and they usually come in packs with varying shapes, their own straw cleaner, and a pouch to carry them in. I just bought my sister some for her birthday last week! Another option is bamboo Tupperware. I recently found some in my local HomeSense, but you can also find them online from stores like Amazon and EcoSouLife.

Beeswax wraps are also a hit for some… But beeswax is not vegan, so avoid this for your vegan friends! Beeswax wrap is essentially a reusable plastic wrap. They’re made of cloth and beeswax. Super easy to use, easy to wash and easy to get your hands on… Maybe not the most exciting gift for some, but they come in cute prints! You can buy it online from Amazon or

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide: For the Fashion Lover

I tend to hate buying clothes for other people, but if this is what you’re going for there are a few awesome brands you can check out. For the pricer stuff you can look online on Rêve en Vert, Reformation or Sezanne. For some more affordable options look at brands like eco-mono, Everlane, and Boody. Most of these brands do run of the mill, classic types of clothing. Boody, however, also has some work-out wear!

At the end of the day…

Whatever you do, just remember that there’s no perfect way to live an eco-friendly life. Not all of the products you buy will be 100% free of plastics. Not all of them are going to come in purely recyclable packaging… It would be nice if they were and they did, but it’s not a perfect science! Just because not all of the products are perfect, doesn’t mean you have to forego making the effort. It doesn’t make the thought that you’re putting into what you’re using any less valuable. At the end of the day, we can all make little changes, and we can all push for a more environmentally friendly world. But we are not solely responsible in our individual lives. We should demand that major corporations who are making the largest impact on pollution are held accountable, and that they also start making a genuine effort to do better. We can’t achieve success without both sides of the coin, so keep having thoughtful thoughts and demanding conversation!

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