RMS Beauty ‘Un-Cover Up Concealer/Foundation’ Review

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RMS Beauty is another brand that was featured in Emma Watson’s Into the Gloss interview. (In case you missed it, I’ve already reviewed The Body Shop’s Lip+Cheek Tint that she mentioned). This product is a higher end, cruelty free, hypoallergenic, and noncomedogenic (it doesn’t block your pores) concealer/foundation duo. Emma and other major celebrities have referenced this product as their go-to for an un-done, natural makeup look – which is my go-to, so naturally (ha), despite the price point, I had to try it. My biggest problem with the un-done makeup look? I’m usually actually wearing a ton of makeup and it usually ends up taking 10x longer. I had yet to find a product that was actually as advertised – minimalist but still effective – enter RMS Beauty. I really think this product might be a game changer.

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Product Performance…

Is it really the perfect combination? Natural looking while still having decent coverage? Emma said that she likes this product because A. she can apply it with her fingers, and B. it’s just enough coverage, not so much that it covers her freckles but helps with imperfections. Sounds super low maintenance, right? To be honest, I don’t know how it does this, but it does – If you’ve read any of my many beauty reviews, you’ll likely know that I have horribly dark chronic undereye circles (shoutout to the mediterranean in me!). This product alone isn’t enough to cover them properly, but it does enough, and, if I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself I can top it up with a lil bit of MAC’s Select Cover Up (a godsend). Somehow, though it covers my eye circles and spots pretty well, its really sheer over freckles? It’s also super easy to blend out so you can really easily just apply it where you want coverage – this also makes it look tres naturale. I guess the blend-ability (is this a word? am I making this up? who knows) makes the product really easy to mold to my liking- make it sheer where I want it and build it up where I need it (without that cakey look I know too well). The end result: am I really wearing any makeup? Some parts of my face say no, but other parts of my face look too good to be true (this is the kind of mystique I aspire for! my life is riveting!!).


I swatched these using my finger, they recommend applying it with their Skin-to-Skin brush, but I can get even, natural looking coverage using my fingers so I’ll just save that extra $40. This is in the shade 11 – a pale shade with a subtle yellow base.

On the brighside… RMS Beauty uses some super natural ingredients, is cruelty free, and just generally takes into account some important aspects that other major brands just hope consumers don’t notice or care about. Because they think about things that might affect your skin their products shouldn’t break you out even if you have sensitive skin like moi! and even if you use them without a primer. Everything about this product screams quality. Oh how could I forget?! tin!! and glass!! packaging!! The packagingand the product  are both very minimalist in nature, but of obvious quality, I think it’s nice that it doesn’t need the added ~flare~ to convince you that it’s good stuff.

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On the downside… Some people in the reviews on Sephora found it too oily for their skin. If you already have super oily skin, this product probably isn’t for you. It just seems to break down under your fingers to make the product more malleable and easy to blend – not a problem unless your prone to lots and lots of oiliness. Also to consider? Not a ton of skin tone options. Their darkest shade is… not that dark at all. So if you’re someone with a lil more colour in your skin, they don’t have a ton of options for you (if any). Hopefully if we talk about it enough we can pressure them into adding some more shades to their collection now that they’re selling to people worldwide, because they’re missing out on a huuuuuge market… Another downside? the price point. A small 0.2 oz container costs $45CAD, which is quite pricey even for a concealer – not quite so pricey compared to other higher range foundations, but in my humble opinion, it’s much more of a concealer than a foundation.  And even though a little goes a long way, I will probably never spend so much on a concealer, or even a lightweight foundation, ever again. It’s just not in my budget, but if I ever fall into the $$$, I’ll keep this option open.

The Verdict…

If you have the budget to try this out, do it! It’s a great option and definitely not something you should sleep on in case it works for you! If not, you could try some cheaper options such as Glossier’s Stretch Concealer, or Benefit’s Boing Concealer – neither claim to be a concealer/foundation, and I think they’re both a bit heavier coverage, but you could give it a try. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “RMS Beauty ‘Un-Cover Up Concealer/Foundation’ Review

    1. Thank you! I picked up some of their powder too but my skin has been so dry lately I haven’t really used it yet! I’m looking forward to trying it out, great tip ☺️

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    1. I know! I just went out on a limb and bought the one I thought was the best fit… really I just got lucky but I didn’t want to miss the sale hahaha


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