The BEST Red Lip Products

Recently I’ve been seriously loving a good red lip. I was inspired by Emma Watson (surprise surprise) as she said that whenever she’s got a big event she wears a red lip. I’ve always been torn about this because on one hand, a red lip makes me feel bad ass and bold. I feel like you can’t go wrong with it. Except… red lips are so hard to do right! As soon as your colour starts fading in the middle, and it starts to look like you’ve got a weird lip liner thing going on. Or it smudges off your lips, feels impossible to fix and you go from feeling 100% to 0%. The struggle. These are the best red lip products, the ones I always use time and time again. 

These products have the best colour pay off, and either last the longest or don’t look horrible and flaky when they start to fade.

Dior’s Red Lipstick.

Dior makes the best lipstick when it comes to colour and wear and tear. My favourite is from their 2015 Christmas collection. It’s definitely gross that I still use this. The colour is the perfect blend of orange and red tones, and it looks amazing on. It’s always my go-to if I want to do a sort of ~casual~ red lip. It has a velvet finish and it’s super easy to build up the colour saturation. This is great because most days I just want something a little subtle.

Unfortunately, because it was only their Christmas collection, it’s not up for sale anymore. That being said, Dior’s classic collection also has a red lip – it’s a Rouge Dior Lipstick in their Matte collection, #999. This one is matte, so it dries up a bit faster but it’s super easy to reapply. It goes on smooth and evenly, and it’s easy to apply over top a lip balm for a more hydrated finish. It my absolute favourite proper, fancy red lip colour.

redlip 3

Mary Jo K, Kylie Cosmetics

I wrote an in depth review of Posie K and Mary Jo K as soon as I got my hands on them. Mary Jo K has quickly become my favourite red lip for a long day. It’s super matte and lasts forever. To be fair, it feels super dry when it’s on, but doesn’t dry out your lips. I wear it when I’m flying because I love being ~that girl~ who’s wearing a red lip while travelling. I also wear it for big event days because I don’t want to have to deal with the stress of touching up my lips. The colour pigmentation is out of control, and it really does last forever, unless you’re eating greasy foods. Biggest drawback for this one? It’s hard to touch up, you really should just take it all off and start again if you need to reapply. The lip liner it comes with is also a dream, and if you keep it on hand it’s easy to touch up using that rather than the lipstick.

lip kit x8

Mary Jo K Swatches

NARS Lip Pencil in Cruella

This one has kind of flown under my radar for awhile. The colour is the perfect shade in between a crimson and a berry red. It has a matte finish that lasts an impressively long time, and is easy to touch up throughout the day. In fact, if I’m using one of the two other red lips I mentioned I usually bring this one as a back up. Just in case I need to touch up and the other ones just aren’t happening. It’s the least high maintenance of the three, but I don’t wear it as often because I much prefer a lipstick to a lip pencil. Not 100% sure why? Probably the glamour factor.

rl 6

NARS Lip Pencil Swatches

There you have it, the best red lip products! Do you have any others that you would recommend?

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    • Sabrina says

      Totally agree, it’s such a nice colour and lasts so long that it’s hard not to love! I saw a Buzzfewd article where a bunch of women of different skin colours and tones tried it and ALL looked brilliant and I was like, that’s it, I’m sold. Haven’t looked back!

  1. lavieenrosebyjami says

    I will start off by saying that I am an independent distributor for this brand… so you’ll probably take this with a grain of salt, but I truly swear by lipsense! it stays on all day without having to retouch at all 🙂 the kylie color collection is gorgeous, but wears off too much in the waterline for my liking & nars cruella used to be a favorite until the cap came off & smushed in my bag lol wahh. great post!

    • Sabrina says

      Oh I was going to put that in about Nars lip pencils but I deleted it because it’s never happened to me, I’d only heard about it second hand so I wasn’t sure! I think I’ve heard good things about lipsense before –
      definitely one I’ll have to try 🙂 Thanks for sharing!! x

  2. retrocasual says

    I’ve been obsessed with red lips since I was in 6th form. I’m known for wearing it and it’s my one bit of high maintenance, I’ve always got to be wearing lipstick. I don’t have a holy grail though, I use many different ones although if I had to suggest one, the Sephora lip stain in the shade 01 is probably one of the best I’ve ever come across. It’s the only one in the range that is a full on opaque colour rather than a stain and it’s got great lasting power. Also the NYX suede liquid lipstick in the shade kitten heel is long lasting


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