The Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil

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I’ve been on a mission to revamp my skin care routine ever since my skin decided to get a million times more sensitive this past year 🙁 I picked up rosehip seed oil after seeing Zendaya recommend it (that girl’s skin GLOWS, ok?) and it turns out it’s perfect for my dry and sensitive skin.
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Rosehip seed oil is advertised as beneficial to reducing dry, irritated skin, and dark spots, all of which I’ve been blessed with. I use a few drops every night before bed and I wake up with baby soft skin. It’s recommended use is twice daily, but I can’t stand having an oily feeling face during the day so I never use it in the morning.
Dry skin: If you have chronic dry patches on your face, rosehip seed oil alone won’t be enough to keep your skin hydrated, but it’s a nice touch. It likely won’t irritate your face and will help the rest of your skin stay hydrated.
Irritated skin: I always have hives and random rashy outbreaks from allergies on my neck and face. 🙁 I’ve found the oil definitely helps reduce inflammation and doesn’t cause anymore irritation which is huge for me because my skin can’t handle most products.
Dark spots: I feel like I always assume that products that claim to reduce dark spots work but I think it’s really just wishful thinking, because here I am, still with my dark eye circles. My only dark spots are around my eyes so I can’t advise you on anything else (sorry!), it doesn’t make them go away, but it having soft, hydrated undereyes definitely doesn’t make things any worse!
Where to buy it: I purchased my lil bottle from Winners for around $8, but you can also purchase from a number of places online if that’s more your style! I also know “The Ordinary” is a trusted skincare brand and they sell a highly rated, vegan, cruelty free, water-free, alcohol-free, 100% rosehip oil for $9.90. Not! Bad!

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