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Here is my review of the Body Shops Lip and Cheek Stain! Necessary, because I haven’t had great experiences with lip and cheek stains in the past (I’ve ruined a few too many white shirts)… So when Emma Watson called out The Body Shop’s Red Pomegranate Lip & Cheek Stain*(affiliate link) as one of her favs in her interview with Into the Gloss, I knew I had to try it. During her press tour for Beauty and the Beast Emma Watson documented her favourite eco-friendly, cruelty free, and traceable beauty and fashion products through the instagram page @the_press_tour. Then, Emma Watson’s interview with Into the Gloss (Glossier’s blog) also highlighted all of her favourite beauty products.

I’ve been slowly going through the interview and trying out each product myself. Some are harder to find than this one – I had to hunt around on Amazon to get my hands on a tube of DHC’s Mascara. In the end I hope to have in depth reviews of these great products so that those of you looking to shop cruelty free and eco friendly in beauty know what you’re buying! Here goes The Body Shop’s Lip & Cheek Stain.

Emma Watson Loves This Product Because:

– the Body Shop does a ton of work for the environment and fair trade

– it’s long lasting and good for everyday use

– it adds very natural looking colour to your face

– you can kiss someone when your wearing it (or in my case, eat lots of greasy foods) and it’s not going to come off

Product Performance

On all fronts this product does exactly what Emma said it would. It lasts surprisingly well even after eating (or kissing I guess), and the colour looks super natural on both your lips and your cheeks.

I was worried the red would be a little too much, but it blends out absolutely perfectly and settles into a very natural colour. I was really shocked by this the first time I used it. My skin tone is definitely a lot darker than Emma’s but the colour still suits it wonderfully. And I find that it even adds a more natural, nuanced look even if I’m wearing a full face of makeup.

Edit: I’ve worn this every day for over two years now. I’ve gone through three bottles. I loooove the blush it gives! It’s such a nice healthy glow and makes me look way more alive than I feel. And it lasts all day. Two years later and I’ve still not found anything that works quite like it.


On skin: When it’s first applied the colour is very pigmented but it’s easy to rub into the places you want a little extra colour, and in the end the lines are blurred and natural looking.

lnc swatch 2

On lips: Much like the skin, when first applied the colour is super pigmented, but it settles in easily and ends up with a subtle hint of red that lasts forever and looks incredibly natural.

lnc swatch 3

Cost + Purchasing?

The Body Shop is one store that we actually have in Thunder Bay(what!!!)! I picked this up while I was out shopping at the mall (this literally never happens) and I randomly remembered that I wanted to try it! It’s only $16CAD and you can buy it online from The Body Shop’s website.*

The Verdict?

The conclusion of this Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain review: it’s a must-have product for me! I purchased this product less than a month ago and it’s already half gone. In the summer time I’m someone who rarely wears a full face of makeup. Sunkissed, undone beauty is my summer go-to. This product is perfect for that. I promise you I use it every day, whether I’m wearing any other makeup or not. I love that it’s not too pricey, and that you know what you’re getting when you support The Body Shop. Seriously, I wear it every day. It’s one of two products I wear EVERY day without fail (the other being RMS beauty’s un-cover up).

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    • beautysbest64 says

      The color is really nice on you. I can’t help loving what I use though I love all there Long Lasting Lip Colors and the lip glosses and you can even use for a little blush. I too love creamy lip colors but love your blog very nice. Thank you for your comment on mine I so appreciate you liking the title Be You. I believe in just being you no pretenses.

      • Sabrina says

        Thank you so much! It’s become my absolute GO-TO and I’m itching to try more from The Body Shop so maybe I’ll try those out, thanks for the recommendation!

    • Sabrina says

      Yes!!! 9 times out of 10 I use my fingers to apply any makeup, this has a tip similar to a lip gloss that makes it easy to apply and rub in with your fingers🤗


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