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blog 8.jpgAloha pals! I closely followed Emma Waton’s Beauty and the Beast press tour through her Instagram @the_press_tour account, which can I just say was a great idea. Her goal on the tour was to use as many sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty free products as possible, which she then shared on her instagram, and in interviews! It’s all lovely and well because as much as I’d love to buy products like those, I have such a hard time finding affordable options! During her press tour Emma did an interview with IntoTheGloss (aloha Glossier!) where she went over her beauty routine and her favourite beauty products. I’ve decided to try a handful of them out and give you an in depth review of the product, it’s ethical benefits, and it’s affordability.

First up – DHC’s Perfect Pro Double Protection Mascara. Because I live in Canada I actually had to hunt through Amazon to get my hands on this, but I’m hella glad I did! This was the first product I tried because I’ve recently run out of mascara (again), and I wasn’t sure which mascara to try next – voila!

Product Performance

Mascara is a hard product to do right. It can’t be too goupy or it’ll clump lashes together, it can’t be too watery or it won’t hold, it can’t be too dry or it’ll flake, and then comes the question of the brush and how well it applies and how long it lasts – aie caramba! As far as mascaras go, this one ain’t too shabby. The brush is grand as long as I’ve curled my lashes before applying, it lasts all day and holds the curl relatively well, and there’s minimal flaking. The biggest drawback for me is that the brush is a little strange and tempermental. It’s pretty small and the bristles are thin, so my lashes sometimes get clumpy – it was worse when I first got it and the brush held a tonne of product. Usually if my lashes have clumped a bit I just go over it with a different mascara brush (why do I always have like 50 empty mascaras at any given time). The end result is pretty average, but that’s probably me and my average lashes’ fault, not the mascara. Overall, I’d purchase it again, but I’m definitely not done trying out different mascaras (hmu with those recommendations!!)


DHC is a cruelty free brand – they have a statement on their website that outlines DHC’s stance on animal testing. Most drugstore brands that I have access to that are any good still test on animals (I’m lookin’ at you L’Oreal), so if I’m going to buy cruelty free I’m going to have to look in the high street range. In addition, maybe less important, the double protection mascara is waterproof – but only to cold water. So, in the rain, or in a pool or the sea the mascara won’t come off, but if you take your mascara off in the shower (like me!) is comes off so easily! Truly magical. That being said, (and I know this because I am a chronic crier), it doesn’t stand up well against tears. It’s not the end of the world if you get a little teary eyed, but as soon as you start wiping it starts smudging.

Cost + Purchasing

From Dermastore the mascara is $18.50 USD for a 0.17oz product. As far as mascaras go, that’s pretty mid-range. I ordered mine online from Amazon for $20.80 CAD, also not bad, pretty cheap for a high street beauty product! Considering the added benefits of the product – cruelty free, waterproof to cold water, it’s worth the added $$. (Especially considering the fact that I usually spend like $30 on a mascara that’s average as hell).

For the sake of a few selfies, here’s what it looks like on with my natural, every day makeup:

Animal Testing + Ethics

Obviously the whole point of ‘The Press Tour’ was for Emma to use as many ethical and sustainable products as possible – DHC mostly fits the bill. DHC’s statement on animal testing follows: “…DHC Corporation of Japan, our parent and the founding company of DHC, never tests its products on animals or asks other to do so on its behalf. However,DHC is now a global brand with related companies in countries all over the world, including China, which still requires animal testing by law.”  Basically, DHC itself doesn’t test on animals, but they may be affiliated with brands that do because they sell in China.

The Verdict

I’m definitely a fan of this product and I hope DHC becomes more readily available in Canada soon! They seem to be one of Emma Watson’s favourite beauty brands, and so far so good in my opinion, so you’ll probably be seeing some more reviews in the future! If you’ve tried this product let me know how you liked it in the comments below, and if you have any beauty recommendations: hit! me! up!!!

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