Givenchy’s ‘Noir Interdit’ Mascara Review

In my experience mascara is the one beauty item that people of all budgets are willing to splurge on. When Givenchy was looking for Canadian Bloggers to review their new mascara I was tres interested. People are always curious to know whether the more luxurious makeup brands are really worth the extra cash, so let me … Continue reading Givenchy’s ‘Noir Interdit’ Mascara Review


DHC Mascara Review | Emma Watson’s Beauty Routine

Aloha pals! I closely followed Emma Waton's Beauty and the Beast press tour through her Instagram @the_press_tour account, which can I just say was a great idea. Her goal on the tour was to use as many sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty free products as possible, which she then shared on her instagram, and in interviews! It's … Continue reading DHC Mascara Review | Emma Watson’s Beauty Routine