19 Things To Do In 2019

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It wouldn’t be a new year without a good old bucket list! I’m very nosey so I loooove reading people’s bucket lists, but this year I thought I would adapt mine to be less all about me so that it’s a bit more accessible to readers. So here are 19 things that I really want to do in 2019, that maybe you will also like to try this year!

1. Start new hobbies

2. Write more

3. Climb mountains

4. Read more

5. Travel to new places

6. Spend time crafting

7. Learn a new song

8. Prioritise learning

9. Make new friends

10. Learn new recipes

11. Create less waste

12. Make more thoughtful gestures

13. Talk to more strangers

14. Meet more animals

15. Be still more often

16. Do more yoga

17. Volunteer

18. Be more politically engaged

19. Donate more

Last year I made a “18 Things To Do In 2018” video where I made a bucket list of 18 things I wanted to do in 2018. Weirdly, I think I accomplished all of the things on the list. I graduated from University, and I won a number of scholarships and awards, I even spoke at a luncheon to thank donors. I moved out from my family home. I got a few new jobs, I wrote a few songs (no music to them though, sadly). I went to Cuba and I rode a horse. Do you feel like you did everything you wanted to do in 2018? Have you made specific resolutions for 2019, or just some more general ideas?

2018: A Year In Review | Hiking the Cliffs of Moher Vlog

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