Styling Neck Scarves and Life Updates

Spring Has Sprung! Or has it?
It became inordinately warm here in Edinburgh in FEBRUARY. The winter itself has been incredibly mild. I don’t think it’s ever been colder than -3 celsius. Incredible, if you ask me, but my relationship with existentialism and global warming has taken a hit as a result. Separate but related thought: one thing I’ve started doing recently is trying to use accessories to change up my outfits. I have a bit of a capsule wardrobe since I moved with only one suitcase, and I try not to spend too much money on consumerism and fast fashion. Instead of buying tons of new clothes here, I’ve bought little accessories to try to fancy up outfits, and create more outfit options to create with what I own. Even when I moved, I brought with me not one, but two neck scarves. One suitcase, two neck scarves. I love them.
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And yet, I didn’t wear them until now. I was headed out on a warm but windy day, and my outfit just looked a little incomplete. It wasn’t a particularly nice outfit, it was one of those that looks jumbled and thrown together, but vaguely cool in a hipster sort of way. I had put my black headband on to try to make it look cooler and more intentional, and then I thought, why not add my neck scarf? I didn’t like having the tie in the front, or off to the side, so I just faced it backwards and I … actually genuinely liked how it looked?
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I walked around the West End in New Town feeling very cool indeed and I had a grand day. It was one of those days where you just FEEL like you look good. I think this was in no small part due to the neck tie … but also the fact that I was wearing winged eyeliner (that stuff is like armour, I swear, I’m invincible in winged eyeliner). Even better was that the neck scarf actually made a difference in terms of warmth. For context, I was wearing:
Top: Blue, off the shoulder H&M top, covered by my Topshop sweater
Trousers: Urban Outfitters BDG black overalls
Jacket: Thrifted jean (originally from Walmart I think lol)
Shoes: Grey high top Converse, they have holes in them but I refuse to get rid of them
…And that was all. In February. While it was warm (probably around 10-13 degrees), it was windy. The scarf kept the chill off my neck more than expected and I felt warm to a comfortable degree all day long.

So last week, when it was a sunny and warm day (14-15 degrees) and I was taking the train off to Wallyford to explore the seaside with my friend Abbi (@woollyjumperweather on Instagram), I decided to whip out my other neck scarf. (All the photos of me in this outfit were taken by her). This neck scarf is blue satin and I rarely wear it. The silkiness makes it slip out of my hair, and come apart a bit; it actually has a safety pin in it to stop it from unfolding. The day came and I was determined to make use of what I had, so I put it on. For context, I was also wearing:

Top: tank top under my clothing exchange men’s woolly jumper (fitting for an afternoon with Abbi)
Trousers: Corduroys that my mommy bought me from the Real Canadian Superstore. They’re Joe Fresh.
Jacket: My trusty thrifted Walmart jean jacket
Shoes: Blundstones! What else could I wear to the seaside?
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It was significantly sunnier and warmer than it usually is that day, but being by the seaside there was (of course) a breeze. I can’t express how great the neck scarf is against a breeze. I work outside day in and day out, and my throat PAYS FOR IT. I constantly get colds and coughs and a scratchy throat because Edinburgh is WINDY. The neck scarf just protects you against the wind…. and makes you look very cute in a very French and hipster-esque sort of way. Also. I got to meet Abbi’s dog Fly that day. It was a great day. I promptly texted all of my family and friends to tell them about him. He’s great. He’s big and calm and cute and so very polite. His name is Fly. You can see in the pictures just how much I love Fly.

So this is my message to you: neck scarves may be trendy, but they’re also practical so you should definitely invest in one. Also. If you have a dog in Edinburgh, please, I beg of you, let me pet it.
ALSO! In honour of spring I posted a new poem, I’ve started doing this thing on my Instagram where every Sunday I challenge myself to write and share a poem, and recently I shared one called ‘spring’ which I feel would also be appropriate to share here. The spring weather has made me come alive again after the dark and cold winter months. The winter blues got to me big time this year, but since the weather has turned and the days have gotten longer I’m making new friends and spending more time outside participating in life again. This poem is about not losing that hope that the good days will return.
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  1. Love both of your outfits and the scarfs just make them that bit more stylish! 😍 I have a couple neck scarves but haven’t really worn them, I think this post will encourage me to do so! Also love your poem, it’s very beautiful ❤️

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