Sick Day Makeup Guide

Hello everyone! I have been HURTING lately. I've come down with a flu or something because I've been hacking up a lung and I'm SO exhausted all the time. Makeup usually takes a back burner when I'm feeling this way, but I've since learned a thing or two about low maintenance makeup that is perfect for sick … Continue reading Sick Day Makeup Guide


Makeup Muses

Aloha pals! As you may very well know, I find a lot of fashion inspiration from musicians, actors and the like. BUT did you know that inspiration extends to makeup as well? While I tend to focus on the fashion side of things over here on my blog, I've done a number of celebrity inspired makeup … Continue reading Makeup Muses

Taylor Swift ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ Makeup Tutorial

Every once and awhile I like to do celebrity inspired makeup tutorials on my Youtube channel, because celebrities are 100% where I get my all my makeup inspiration. Ok - I get inspo from Youtubers too but there's really no point in doing a video on one that's already been done! So far I've done … Continue reading Taylor Swift ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ Makeup Tutorial