PSA: Get Your Clothes Altered

An Old Way to Battle Fast Fashion

I never once got a piece of clothing altered growing up. I also wasn’t as much of a consumer then as I am now, and I just wore whatever I had and whatever was given to me as it was. As an adult, I’ve started shopping waaaaay more than I ever thought I would, and become aware of how those shopping habits are impacting the planet negatively.

I mostly buy clothes online, since we don’t have most of the big fashion stores locally (Zara, H&M, Topshop, ASOS, etc.), so I rarely get to try things on before committing. I’m also a bargain hunter, so 90% of the time the stuff I’ve bought is on sale, and non-refundable. Result? I’ve gotten my share of clothes that kind of/sort of fit, at least enough to be wearable, but are nothing like what I’d imagine. I mostly wear them out of guilt for having bought them, and am constantly disappointed at how badly they fit me since they’re SO cute. The last straw for me? This gingham number from Topshop that I bought on sale last summer:

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Lifestyle | Dealing with Insomnia

Hi friends! This is the most personal post I’ve written on my blog I think, hahahaha. With #BellLetsTalk going on last week, and having been inspired by my friends and some fellow bloggers, I thought I would write about something some of you might find helpful. For me, insomnia is closely related to my mental health and really kicks in when I’m in a period of anxiety. Those of you who also have social or generalised anxiety, and/or panic disorder probably know that a panic attack doesn’t end there. Whenever I have a panic attack it lasts for awhile. Just one small smidgen of me dealing with my anxiety is dealing with my insomnia. In fact, my insomnia became so much a part of my anxiety that I started getting anxiety about not being able to fall asleep… which of course made it harder. But I’m not here to talk about my anxiety today….

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Lifestyle | New Year’s Resolutions

Hi guys! It’s been awhile, I hope you’ve all had great holidays! I haven’t been able to create my Christmas gifts and boxing day shopping hauls as I’ve got about half my extended family staying at my house at the moment, so things are crazy busy and crowded! I will have a ‘What I Got for Christmas & Boxing Day Haul’ video on my YouTube channel (, so head over there if you’d like to watch that! I may end up splitting them up and doing one part on my YouTube and one part on here, I’ll figure it out! In the meantime I’ve been working on my resolutions, it’s been a few years since I’ve done them! There’s a few things I’ve thought of that I want to put down in writing to remind myself throughout the year….

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