Pass Lake, Pearl and Ouimet Canyon

Thunder Bay has a lot to offer when it comes to outdoor beauty. In just one day, my friends and I were able to see Pass Lake, Pearl, and Ouimet Canyon. This summer I haven’t been able to do much traveling, but that never stopped me from having as many adventures as possible. A couple weeks ago my friends and I took a day off to explore some of the cool places we’ve never been before just outside of our city. Pass Lake, Pearl, and Ouimet Canyon are all pretty close to each other, so it was easy to achieve in a day!

Visiting Pass Lake

We started at Pass Lake which is just before the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. Usually, I just take in the nice views of the lake on my drive out to the Sleeping Giant. This time we stopped underneath the overpass train bridge. Now, I’ve seen pictures of some of my friends on this bridge over social media, but I had no idea where it was, or just how terrifying it is. I know heights are stupid fear, but they’re probably my biggest fear. That’s exactly why I didn’t let it stop me from going out on the bridge with my friends.

How To Get To Pass Lake Bridge

To get to the Pass Lake ‘Trestle’ you park on the side of the road underneath the bridge. Next to the road there’s a five minute hike up to a point where the trail meets the bridge. At this point, the bridge isn’t very far from the ground at all. But if you’ve got friends like I have, there’s no way you’re stopping there. We walked all the way until we were about halfway across the bridge, it was terrifying, but the views were well worth it. Make sure you’re extra careful though! I’m told that trains are known to go over it still from time to time.


After exploring the bridge my friends and I took the very twisty road to the Amethyst Mine. Unfortunately, I get car sick super easily. I spent our time at the amethyst mine sitting on the ground with my head between my legs.

Making The Trip To Pearl

We didn’t spend too much time at the mine, and were off to find my friend’s old camp in Pearl soon afterwards. This took a lot longer than expected. At one point we ended up driving down a snowmobiling road, thinking that it must be the driveway we were looking for… Clearly we were wrong. We found it in the end and spent a good part of the day lounging on a dock sitting on a picturesque little watering hole.

Eagle Canyon, Ouimet Canyon

In the late afternoon we started to hear a thunderstorm approaching so we thought it was time to move on. Still having energy left we thought we ought to take the opportunity to check out Ouimet Canyon. Ouiment Canyon is in Dorion, and it’s just past Eagle Canyon. That’s where a lot of people go for some zip-lining and a suspension bridge. Naturally, Eagle Canyon has a $20 entrance fee. If you make the drive to Ouimet Canyon you can appreciate wonderful views of the Canyon and very well maintained, wheelchair accessible trails, for no cost at all.


On our drive home we ran into this guy just hanging out on the side of the road. Of course, we stopped to say hi, and he tried to come say hi back…


These are just a few of the wonderful places that exist around me! As you can see nature is never far from home in Northwestern Ontario. So next time you find yourself up in Thunder Bay, make sure you check out some of these beautiful places too!

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