Alex Steinherr Primark Range Review

Alex Steinherr Primark Review: Maximum Moisture Cream and Sleep Spa Eye Mask

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‘ll admit I didn’t really know who Alex Steinherr was, apart from the fact that she’s pals with Estee Lalonde. In fact, I wouldn’t have known about this range if it weren’t for Instagram. So, full thanks to Estee for helping me discover my new FAVOURITE skincare products because I am blown away! I first heard about them on Instagram, and people were commenting on the photo asking things like “are these products vegan?” And “do you test on animals?” And I thought cmon guys, don’t get your hopes up, it’s a Primark range. Well, jokes on me because they are both vegan, and animal testing-free! I didn’t think those things were possible for such an affordable range, but that just goes to show. So, here is my Alex Steinherr Primark Review.
Alex Steinherr has worked as a beauty director, and apparently she knows pretty much everything there is to know about the beauty industry. Upon further research I’ve discovered that she’s definitely the type of guru who could easily have made a very high-end, luxury skincare line. She’s got the know how, she’s probably got the collection, and it at least seems like she’s got the demographic to sell to. BUT, she chose to make an affordable product. An affordable product that is easily and readily available in Primarks everywhere, and that’s cruelty free AND vegan. I have nothing but mad respect for her.

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Alex Steinherr Primark Review:

the packaging

Very no fuss, but also very sleek and chic if you ask me. I must admit, I’ve snapped a bit of the cap of my moisturiser when I was rough handling it open one morning, but hey! I’m buying skincare from Primark. I cannot complain. As far as packaging goes, it’s nice and practical, and looks cute on the counter.

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the products I bought

This isn’t a complete Alex Steinherr Primark review because there’s a ton of products and I’m poor. I was looking for a replacement of my much loved L’Occitane 5% Shea Butter Cream, and my Origins Eye Cream. I didn’t want to pay tons of $$ for those products, so I thought I might as well check out this Alex Steinherr range. Even though there’s a wide variety of products, I went for the general moisturizer and eye mask because I was replacing products. But! I would definitely consider expanding my collection based on how much I love these two.

Maximum Moisture Cream

At £5, this was worth just trying, even if it didn’t live up to the L’Occitane cream since it’s SO much more affordable. Spoiler alert: it DID live up to my high expectations. It’s a bit heavier than I’m used too, it’s quite thick and a little bit goes a LONG way! This is actually a welcome change since I work outside and Edinburgh is a very windy place. My face needs a little more moisture than it used to. Even though it’s heavier, it doesn’t feel too heavy on your face. It usually takes about 5 minutes between putting it on and when my face feels back to normal – no residue left slipping makeup around your face! I’ve been using it for about 5 days and I haven’t noticed a HUGE change in my dry patches, but I went a long time without cream so it might just take a bit longer. I do notice that my skin feels SO nice when I put it on! Totally skin-thirst quenching.

Sleep Spa Eye Mask

£4, Much to my chagrin, this is not an eye cream, it’s an eye mask. I put it on before bed and leave it on over night. When I wash my face in the morning I can tell that it’s still there. I have chronic undereye circles and recently a lot more puffiness, so an eye cream is a must for me. The eye mask is great for bringing moisture to the sensitive around-the-eye skin. Plus, it makes it feel cool and taken care of before bed. Good news! I don’t have any problems with dry patches around my eyes since I started using it. That’s a rare win for me. I did have a good cry before bed last night (lol) after I had put it on, and I will say that it does not hurt to get this in your eyes.

what I want next…

I really want to try the Pore Balance Face mask because I feel like my skin really needs a solid deep cleanse. I trust that this will do the trick! Also, I want to try the Sleep Spa face mask, especially as the winter months draw in and my skin gets drier. Lastly, I really want to try something from the Pollution Solution range. I haven’t decided what yet, but the impacts of pollution on skincare is something I recently discovered and I really want to try to start addressing. Hopefully I can start adding products to this Alex Steinherr Primark review soon!

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Have you guys tried anything from Alex’s range? I’m dying to hear what people thought of the other products! What are your go-to affordable skincare products? I’m always here for affordable, but only if they really work!

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