What’s Weirder: Dating Someone You Know, Or Someone You Don’t?

I’ve been thinking about the question of how you meet people a lot lately. Half of the people I’ve dated I’ve known for awhile before we started dating, whether that be through work, or school, or hobbies. The other half are people I met off-chance and hit it off with. In both cases, it felt more like I knew that person in some capacity before we started dating, because we didn’t meet and the intention wasn’t immediately the possibility of a relationship of some sort (or was it?). Now that I’ve been frequenting the Tinder, I’m curious about how people date people. Just in GENERAL, but also specifically, why is it so, so weird to date someone you don’t really know? We’ve covered topics like: do I really want to be dating? And how am I going to know if I like them romantically?  But we’ve never covered the ‘how do you even get to know someone you don’t know when all of your meetings are in the date-structure?’. There’s a romantic interest. There’s an intention. How do you get to know someone as both a person, and a potential partner, when you start completely from scratch?

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My First Time.

AYYYYY! We’ve (probably) all seen this tag on youtube and despite a slightly misleading title it’s one of my favourite tags to watch. This week I decided to do my own “My First Time” video, watch it here:

Since it is a tag I figured it was only appropriate to keep it moving, so this is me tagging all of my youtuber and blogger followers! Go off and make your own ‘My First Time’ video or blog post and let me know in the comments so I can check it out! Here are the questions I did, feel free to change or adapt as most people on the internet do for this one.

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Lifestyle | 10th Year A Vegetarian

Hi friends! Today I’m going to talk about something I’ve probably mentioned in passing before – being a vegetarian. I don’t really talk about it too much but I’m nearing my 10th year now and I’ve seen a lot of interest in vegetarianism and veganism on the Internet recently. I’m going to give a bit of a background and address some common concerns with vegetarianism ☺…

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